6A, Rue Henri François - Bât1  /  F-77330 Ozoir la Ferrière - France /  Tél.: +33 (0)1 60 34 97 76

The company

Based Ozoir la Ferrière in Seine et Marne 77, ELS- TEC ® is specialized in the import- export of electronic equipment and the diversified high-tech products.

ELS- TEC ® is a major player in the integration of Systems Solutions LCD & LED for professional / and individuals and offers a wide range of quality services such as:

- The dynamic display & light (LED panels and LCD & LED screen)

- Illuminated signs, LED lighting (front , offices, and buildings) , projector

- Creation / software development

- The organization of events

- Rental totems, interactive screens

- Biometrics,

- Advertising

- Etc ...

With more than 8 years of expertise in the design and distribution of LCD / LED screens display solutions, we are present on the market of digital signage, professional display and computer specific . We ensure the development of your projects from your specifications, prototype or sample according to quality criteria to meet the requirements to European standards and local standards.

A constant search for novelty, to expand our offer and meet your benefit needs, our business with Asia is a real source of innovation while respecting customs duties on imports into the Community European.

 Closely with our partners LAGARDERE SPORTS, CENTRE VILLE, KELAN PRODUCTIONS, SALONS PROFESSIONNELS EUROPEEN,  our dynamic team will bring you the best product quality / price ratio, its expertise, its adaptability and responsiveness of its service to assist you in your projects